For Startup people: Relevant experience that cuts down on training time.

If you run a young company, you know that every hire matters. So how do you choose the ideal person to work in this unique environment? While the requirements for specific positions vary, there are some overriding traits that define someone who will work well in a startup environment, including:

1. Relevant experience that cuts down on training time. Experience always matters. To a young company, it matters more. There is precious little, if any, time for training. You need someone who can hit the ground running.

2. Someone not afraid to take risks. Startups thrive on people who are willing to make tough decisions and try things that have never been tried before. Candidates who show willingness and ability to take on new challenges are good targets. They must also show the wisdom to know when not to take risks.


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Entrepreneur, Programmer, Run-Bike Athlete
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