Let’s get started – Buhay Startup

* Start by picking a name, an identity, it can be your online username/nickname or your full name if you are working alone; or a name of a team, if you are working with a team. Or, you can pick a name for a team or a startup team, even if you are just working by yourself, if you eventually plan to recruit teammates. Whichever you choose, you must pick a name. This is important. There’s a lot of ways to pick a name, pick one that you think fits best to whatever you are trying to sell to your clients. You can pick ‘The 3 little pigs’ if you feel that, and it actually sounds unique for a startup company, and is a good conversation starter. People will want to know why you named it after pigs.

So make sure to get a name. I suggest at a minimum make a name of yourself. Focus on promoting yourself, and slowly build that startup identity. Note that you are the only sole owner of your identity, that even if you join an existing startup or make one from scratch, you want people to identify you as you, and as someone who’s involved on these and so startups. And you want to keep that identity around you, and not have it replace you. Startups come and go, as well as business. You, there’s only one you. You have to maintain it like it’s a startup for 100 years (unless you get to 100, or less depending on how many liempo you eat a day). If you don’t like this kind of attention, i suggest you get a job. I don’t like to make a ‘get a job’ so negative, but it is a lot of freelancers and startup-ers like to avoid. I found that people who want to build startups, don’t like a job. Don’t want to work. They just want to play computer games (now, this is a topic worthy of another post later).


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